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CKW ONLINE is an innovative design solution to online consulting.


Our specially designed packages will assist you in selecting a tailor made solution that best serves your needs.

How does it work?


An Initial Consultation briefing lasts approx 25 - 30 minutes on a Zoom or Skype call and we will break down the brief of the project with you, take notes and then assist you with selecting a remote design package that works best for you. This will depend on the level of involvement and detail in the design but a basic design package consists of the following:  Cost R 350,00 per 30 minutes or part thereof.  You can request such a meeting by clicking one of the " GET IN TOUCH" tabs on the slideshow below or call us on 010 900 4302 for a meeting.  

  1. Consultation - Allocated time per package or hourly consulting rates at R 750,00 - R 900,00 per hour or part thereof. 

  2. Floor plan / Furniture Plan - A detailed aerial or plan view of the space showing any structural changes made in a renovation plan. A second layout showing the proposed furniture and fixtures in a layout of the room as proposed with the new design concept.

  3. Mood board/ Sample Boards - A set of boards as per the design concept showing structural finishes, colours, samples and textures, lighting, furniture, decor and accessories, fabrics, floor and wall finishes etc. 

  4. 3D Drawings and Perspectives- A 3D rendered visual showing the proposed completed space and the indicative furniture and decor. 

  5. Shopping List & Estimate / Quotation - A detailed thumbnail breakdown showing sample images of the intended products in the design and their respective finishes. This is accompanied by the line item Estimate or Quotation with relevant prices and costing for the actual fit out of the work.


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The Furniture Plan / Layout is the aerial or plan view of the space showing the proposed layout and arrangement of internal walls, features, furniture and decor. This is strategic in showing the traffic flow and movement through the space and the utilisation of furniture and fittings in the proposed design. Sometimes is accompanied by an intended demolition plan for intended changes in renovation phase. 


CKW Lifestyle are pleased to advise that due to changes in the e-Commerce regulations under Covid-19 restrictions we may now accept orders for manufacture online. Our order books have resumed under strict guidance and we are gifting up to 20% on online design packages and 10% on custom orders for COM/ CMT. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Email us on or call us on 010 900 4302 to place your orders.

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