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Craig K. Whitehead


Living an inspired life, surrounded with great design !


Craig K. Whitehead's  impressive 28 year track record in Interior Design and Architecture, started as a design and decor graduate from Johannesburg, and his successful track record proven him to be a tenacious design entrepreneur.

At just twenty-six years of age,  Craig was recognised among ten leading interior designers at various 'Star Home Show Exhibitions' not long after he went on to complete a full scale interior architecture and interior design project in team with his then architectural partners on a 1 400 m2 home which would secure him a ten page spread including the front cover of a new design and lifestyle publication - SA Homeowner in Dec 1997 / Jan1998. Craig has since built his reputation on a steady flow of successful design and lifestyle projects which include new residences, renovations, corporate projects, leisure projects and even a host of extraordinary events and celebrations. From a stint in music, to his successful design practice, there is very little he has not set his creative hand and mind to. 

Craig's philosophy is simple - Never get too busy building a life, that you forget to live one, and live it well, he most certainly does. Thankfully he is passionate and dedicated enough to take his clients and friends along with him. 

During 2020/21 - Craig was selected as one in thirty-three designers to be featured in the upcoming iconic design book "The World’s Leading Design Names 2020/21" and his Bedfordview project has been shortlisted in the category for £2,5 - £ 5 Million Residential category for the International Architecture & Design Awards 2020 to be held at the Dorchester Hotel in London. 

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