Noteworthy Projects

Be Inspired by some of our Executive Projects

CKW Lifestyle Associates have completed projects we are thrilled to exhibit. Whether working with clients or collaborating with other designers, CKW are well versed in the art of lifestyle and design for over two decades.

Villa Monte D' Oro

Grand and Eclectic   2019/2020


After recently purchasing a home with a very beige interior and pale finishes, the owners asked CKW Lifestyle Associates to reimagine the interiors, and blend them with their love of eclectic artwork and objects. This was a full cosmetic renovation and full scale fit out interior design project, where we were given carte blanche on the interior design. Our goal was to produce an exciting sumptuous space that embodied the client's style without being pretentious. , reflecting their personality, with a subtly embedded design scheme throughout the property.


CKW Lifestyle Associates have been shortlisted for Residential Project Value £2.5-5 Million Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Interior Design: Craig K. Whitehead - CKW Lifestyle Associates 

Suburban Bliss in the Parks

Creatively Inspired

A stylish decorating project in a stylish suburban home. This cosy home is a celebration of typical South African Victorian Architecture in the Parks suburbs of Johannesburg. CKW undertook a decorating project with our own designer furniture & decor from the CKW Lifestyle Collections.  

Grey House Renovation

Chic And Sophisticated

Restoring a fabulous art deco inspired home in 50 shades of grey. Every room inspired by a different shade of grey embraces Modern Classic living on a grand scale.

Almost Three Decades in Design


Ensures we have the know-how you need.