Corporate Image (CI)

Our firm boasts one of the hottest talents in graphic design.  Our in house designer, Brendon Ridley is responsible for the concept of our own corporate identity, business cards, stationery and video CI. 

From the brief to concept of a style and image befitting the client to various concepts the client is given three options from which to take direction. After careful consultation the selected logo will be developed for the client's use on all stationery and corporate identity usage, including digital, print and video usage. 

Logo Design

Branding & Artwork

Our design services include signature branding packages, designing everything from packaging to shopping bags and more. We offer an Artwork service aimed at compositing images, touching up artwork and creating layouts and designed formats for print, video and digital applications. This includes Event and Promotional artwork as well as corporate banners etc for CI and marketing purposes. As a support to our Interior design services we design artwork for printing on fabrics and wallpaper too. 

Media & Videography Production

Working with the top photographers and videographers we are able to produce adverts and brochures, booklets, catalogues and more for digital, television and print. Some of the additional services on these products are supplied by our associates in the industry and a client may have to deal with them directly or in co operation with us for the production of various media.